brand profile

  • Along with the flourishing of tea culture, the concept of the tea room has become widely known and loved by literati. A so-called tea room is actually an environmental space where people drink tea. Teapots, teacups, bamboo baskets, mirrors, plants, etc. are all essential items for this tearoom.
  • IwaiLoft brings together a group of tea lovers united by one simple idea: a primal love of tea. Our love for tea began with its taste, and when we finally got to know tea better, we inevitably fell into its long cultural traditions. We created this brand, IwaiLoft, to share with people from all over the world.
  • In order to bring a more comfortable and eco-friendly tea room to everyone's life, we try to incorporate materials and inspiration from nature in each product. Feel the aroma of tea and experience the atmosphere of a tea room.
  • A fast-paced life inevitably makes us feel restless and bored. The tea house not only gives a philosophical meaning, but also allows us to feel the richness of the culture that has been deposited over thousands of years, but also allows us to relax on a spiritual level. The joy of drinking tea with the scent of tea in the tea room will diminish loneliness, break through loneliness, and give the power of tranquility and warmth to simple and plain days.