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IwaiLoft Coffee Press French Press Coffee Maker 350mL/800mL Break Time

IwaiLoft Coffee Press French Press Coffee Maker 350mL/800mL Break Time

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The "American Press" has realized a new way of brewing coffee that allows you to enjoy a more authentic taste faster. You can use it not only for coffee, but also for brewing tea such as black tea.

French press type [iw-cof03] where you can enjoy authentic coffee

★For the French press, use a hot water temperature of 92°C to 96°C, which is most suitable for extracting the ingredients of coffee beans.

By slowly pouring hot water to check the swelling of the beans,
It extracts the oil content (coffee oil) of the beans necessary for the flavor, aroma, and deliciousness of the coffee beans.
Please enjoy the rich taste of coffee that maximizes the original taste of coffee beans.
Recommended as a gift for coffee lovers. ★

Product Details
Product name french press
Product number iw-cof03
quality display

Material: Glass, Stainless Steel Capacity: 350mL/800mL
Weight (including individual boxes) 445 g
Size: 110mm*190mm

remarks Dishwasher*/Dryer OK
Only the glass body can be used in the microwave
Usage suggestions It can also be used as a gift, so it is a perfect gift for your family, colleagues, and friends.
Notes ・All our products are shipped from Japan.
・Products delivered domestically will be subject to consumption tax in the same manner as domestic purchases. No customs duty.
・If there is a color, the color may differ from the actual product depending on the color of the monitor.

Precautions for use in a microwave oven *Please remove the tea strainer when using in the microwave.
※Please do not use it in an empty state.
* There is a risk of boiling suddenly and blowing out violently. When removing the main unit from the microwave oven, use a potholder, etc., and keep your face away.
* After using the microwave, place it on a trivet, etc.
* Before using the microwave oven, wipe off the water droplets on the main unit.

☪ Safety and security This product has undergone the "Japan Food Inspection", so you can use it with confidence. ♪⇒International standard ISO certified factory with thorough quality control. Professional staff will thoroughly inspect the product before shipping. After purchase, if there is a problem with the product (initial defect, etc.), we will replace it free of charge within 30 days.

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