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IwaiLoft pitcher cold water bottle heat-resistant glass barley tea pot glass pot water pitcher water carafe clear jug ​​fruit pot drink pitcher pickle spot free shipping for tomorrow

IwaiLoft pitcher cold water bottle heat-resistant glass barley tea pot glass pot water pitcher water carafe clear jug ​​fruit pot drink pitcher pickle spot free shipping for tomorrow

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Received "Japanese food inspection" ♪ All-purpose glass pot made from heat-resistant glass ♪ 1800mL
A heat-resistant glass pitcher that will continue to be loved forever

handle line, angle,
The thickness depends on the position of the fingers when gripping,
Gravity applied when lifting, power point when pouring,
Designed with a delicate balance of these three elements in mind.

It has a high quality feel and is designed to match various table scenes.
Made of heat-resistant glass, keep it clean and
It's safe to make things from hot water.
As a mineral water jug, of course,
Cold fresh juice and barley tea in the summer,
It is a cool server that can easily make and keep cold drinks such as iced tea.
Recommended for use other than water and tea.It is also very convenient to use with cold brew iced coffee or tea in the hot season.
You can use it all year round, such as warm tea in winter.
Stylish heat-resistant glass pot recommended points

Point 1: Texture that makes you feel delicate Point 2: Resistant to sudden temperature changes Point 3: Resistant to odor transfer and color transfer,
It does not spoil the flavor of coffee or tea.
It is also suitable as a storage container.
Point 4: Easy to use & compatible with direct fire Point 5: Can be used in dishwashers.

Point 6: Smooth and transparent appearance Point 7: Refreshing touch Feeling good in hand
Product details Handmade Glassware
Product name heat resistant glass pitcher
Product number IwaG3-15
content 1 point
quality display

Material: Heat-resistant glass (heat-resistant temperature difference 120°C)
Capacity: 1800mL
Weight (including individual boxes) 500g
Size: 12.7 x H21cm

material Body: Heat-resistant glass Dishwashing*/dryer OK
Only the main body can be used in a microwave oven
Notes All our products are shipped from Japan.
・Products delivered domestically will be subject to consumption tax in the same manner as domestic purchases. No customs duty.
・If there is a color, the color may differ from the actual product depending on the color of the monitor.

Precautions for use in a microwave oven *Please remove the tea strainer when using in the microwave.
※Please do not use it in an empty state.
* There is a risk of boiling suddenly and blowing out violently. When removing the main unit from the microwave oven, use a potholder, etc., and keep your face away.
* After using the microwave, place it on a trivet, etc.
* Before using the microwave oven, wipe off the water droplets on the main unit.

☪ Safety and security This product has undergone the "Japan Food Inspection", so you can use it with confidence. ♪⇒International standard ISO certified factory with thorough quality control. Professional staff will thoroughly inspect the product before shipping. After purchase, if there is a problem with the product (initial failure, etc.), we will replace it free of charge within 6 months.
Tips for using glass products for a long time * Due to the manufacturing process, glass tableware may have some distortion, fine surface scratches, fine air bubbles, wrinkle marks on the bottom and sides, water droplet stains during cooling, and fogging. These do not reduce the characteristics of the product during use, so please use it with confidence. We do not accept returns or exchanges in this condition.

●When removing the product after heating it in a microwave oven, etc., avoid placing it in a cold place, and place it on a material that absorbs heat, such as cloth or wood.
●Dishwashers are not recommended because the water pressure and temperature vary depending on the manufacturer.
●Because the size is laid flat, we do our best to ensure uniformity among our staff, but there may be slight errors.

●Glass breaks due to tensile stress. In order to use glass products, including heat-resistant glass, for a long time, it is very important to avoid scratching them as much as possible without hitting them with metal, hitting hard objects such as ceramics, or rubbing them with abrasive sponges. becomes an important point
●Most materials, including glass, expand when heated and contract when cooled. Thermal damage is most often caused by rapid cooling or rapid heating. Since heat-resistant glass expands and contracts very little due to heat, it is possible to suppress the occurrence of each stress caused by this expansion and contraction, making it resistant to heat. Damage starts from scratches on the surface of the Stronger (deeper) scratches break with less stress. Scratches grow (become deeper) with repeated use, reducing the strength of the glass.

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